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After you’ve been injured on the job, it is only fair that your employer covers your medical expenses and time off. Typically, your employer works with their insurance company to ensure you receive enough benefits. Workers’ compensation is available to employees to help provide financial support during an injured workers’ recovery process. .. Read More It also prevents an employee from suing their employer for a settlement after getting wounded. Unfortunately, many workers don’t receive the full amount of benefits they are owed or they are completely denied.

Denial rates have increased over the years, making it more difficult for workers who are in serious need of financial help while injured. When you are denied benefits, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help. They review workers’ compensation claims to look for errors and issues with your application. Additionally, if you were denied benefits despite your workplace accident injury, they will represent you before the appeal board. For more information, speak to reliable workers’ compensation attorneys. Contact Hansford Law Firm now for a free consultation.

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“The Hansford Law Firm is amazing and they get incredible results. Linda Ortuño is so good at her job and has the best, most helpful attitude every time you speak with her. I highly recommend the entire Hansford team and especially Linda!”

-Tracy S

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“I am so blown away by the great customer service and attention that was given to my case. Wes and Ashley answered all my questions and made this tedious worker's compensation process bearable, I recommend them to all my family and friends constantly, from day one I knew I chose the right law firm. Thank you all so much for all the work you did for me and I am grateful for everything.”

-Drew Garfield

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“Great Experience with them, especially Ashley McDonald she aided n assisted me the entire process, I 10/10 recommend!”

-Antonio Maddox

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“Nate and team run a top shelf operation! Compared several, nothing compares.”

-Derek Anderson

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“Highly recommended for anyone injured. My first experience with an attorney. I had no idea what to expect. Now, after a year Nate and the entire support staff feel like family! I'm so glad I chose the Hansford Law Firm!”

-Ken L

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“Linda & the Hansford Team were amazing throughout the entire process. If you need an attorney to fight for you, I highly recommend this firm. They really care about their clients!”

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“I was very happy with the time frame and the service, couldn't have asked for any better. 5 stars!”

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“Linda is amazing! I highly recommend consulting her for your needs. She’s professional and provides outstanding service!”

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“Great experience, mainly want to thank Linda for her amazing communication and assistance, she is super professional and helpful.”

-Annamaria R

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“I just wanted to tell them thank you and that I truly appreciate Attorney Wes and Ashley for their commitment and patience with my case. Wes fought for me and never gave up!”

-Darlene M

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"I highly recommend the entire Hansford team and especially Linda!"

"I recommend them to all my family and friends constantly"

"I 10/10 recommend!"

"Team run a top shelf operation!"

"After a year Nate and the entire support staff feel like family!"

"They really care about their clients!"

"5 stars!"

"Linda is amazing!"

"Great experience!"


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How long does it take to settle a workers’ comp case in Georgia?

Every workers’ comp claim is unique, which means that it can take several weeks or a few months to settle your case. There are two types of settlements: the liability settlement and the non-liability settlement.

Liability Settlement

When your company’s insurer compensates you for your injury, this is a liability settlement. You are awarded the settlement with no argument about your accidental injury. This type of settlement is more complex because your accidental injury will be in dispute during this process. A non-liability settlement will require an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to make sure your paperwork is organized. They will ensure there are no errors and that all the necessary proof is evident, so your claim is undeniable. .. Read More

The insurance company will initially review your claim. This investigation process will be straightforward if the reason for the injury is clear. Additionally, if there is enough supportive evidence, the insurer can’t contest that the injury occurred on the job. However, in a more complex situation where it is difficult to define how the injury occurred, the process can take longer. For example, you could have been injured because of poorly maintained machinery that wasn’t inspected. The insurance adjuster will have to work with other professionals to identify how it malfunctioned and caused your injuries.

If you slipped and fell on a slippery surface with no grips installed, that would be a much simpler insurance claim. Another issue is the type of injury and medical treatment required. If you simply needed pain medication, bandages, and a week off, you would get your claim much sooner. In comparison, if you have a permanent disability that prevents you from returning to your line of work, you would not only need additional benefits but would have to switch careers. You would need to wait a longer time to receive compensation from the insurance company to help facilitate this process.

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Can you sue your employer
for negligence in GA?

Workers’ compensation claims don’t involve you suing your employer. The workers’ compensation system was designed to prevent that. Proof of negligence is also not necessary for you to get maximum compensation from your Georgia workers’ compensation claim, unlike in other states.

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How much will my
weekly benefits be?

A portion of your average weekly wages will be compensated. Other compensation includes any reasonable medical bills related to your injuries. You can even receive mileage reimbursement for the cost of your commute to and from doctor’s appointments. However, there is a 400-week limit on how many medical benefits you can receive. The only exception is if your injury is considered to be catastrophic according to state laws. Other benefits you can receive through the workers’ compensation system include:

If you can’t work for more than seven days because of your injury, you will start receiving benefits. If you were incapacitated for 21 days after your injury, you can also be compensated for those seven days you were unable to work. This amount is equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage, but only if your accident occurred after July 1st, 2022. You can’t receive more than $725.00 or less than $50 per week after you were injured.

After 400 weeks, you can’t continue receiving temporary disability payments unless you had a catastrophic injury. Once you’ve reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) according to your doctor, then your disability benefits will end.

If you cannot work to your fullest capacity because of your recent injury, you can continue receiving temporary partial disability benefits after you return to work. This benefit includes two-thirds of the difference between your average weekly wages before and after your injury. There is a $450 maximum limit on how much you can receive on a weekly basis. Additionally, you will stop receiving benefits after 350 weeks.

If you’ve reached MMI according to your doctor’s evaluation but continue to suffer from a partial disability, you’ll continue receiving weekly payments.

Based on your type of disability, you can receive a scheduled or unscheduled reward. The benefit duration depends on the percentage of disability of the affected body part. This percentage is multiplied by the maximum amount of weeks listed on the state schedule for that body part. You can receive an unscheduled reward for a permanent disability that happens to a part of your body not listed on the state schedule.

If you have a permanent total disability after your MMI evaluation, you can also continue to receive benefits. You will get coverage for life at the temporary total disability rate. You can also request a lump sum for future payments.

Suppose an employee died because of a job-related injury or occupational illness. In that case, their dependents, eligible family members, or individuals listed in their will are entitled to their death benefits. If the survivors are dependents, then they receive the same amount for total temporary disability until they are no longer dependent. Spouses receive an amount up to $270,000. Funeral expenses can also be covered for up to $7,500.

What if a third party’s negligence caused the accident?

Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys can file a negligence claim against a third party. This claim can be in addition to your workers’ comp claim. The third party would have to be an organization or individual that isn’t involved with your employer. An example is if you were being paid to transport goods for your employer and got into a car wreck. Your attorney can file a third-party claim against the at-fault driver in addition to your workers’ comp benefits.

What are other reasons I could be denied?

Many victims of workplace injuries get their workers’ comp benefits denied despite their needs. Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers try to help prevent this by making sure your application has all the required information. Reasons that you may be initially denied include the following:

If you were already injured for another reason, you can’t recover compensation from your employer’s insurance company. This doesn’t include underlying conditions that your work environment may have worsened.

As soon as you have been injured, you should see a doctor so that they can treat your injuries. Your medical bills are also evidence, which is another reason you should get treated as soon as possible. If you have no medical evidence of your injury, you may be unable to recover compensation.

Legally, an injury is when you have suffered harm done by another, in this case, your employer. If you suffered no harm or damage, then you haven’t experienced an injury.

Your employers’ insurance company can respond with a reservation of rights, and your claim will be decided after a pending investigation. In this case, they send a notification that you may not receive compensation because your employer’s insurer does not cover the type of claim. The insurance company would have to substantiate your claim by performing an investigation. If the insurer finds that your damages are unsubstantiated, then they can later deny coverage.

You cannot receive compensation unless your injury is related to your work. For example, if you have a health condition or other situation happening not caused by work, you cannot be compensated for work-related stress benefits.

Misrepresentation is a form of fraud when an employee lies about their work-related injury. They may try to make an injury that didn’t happen at their job appear work-related to receive benefits.

Filing too late will also hurt your chances of receiving benefits. You only have a year from the date of your reported injury to file your claim. Additionally, your employer’s insurer has 21 days to investigate the injury and file a report after you were injured.

If you were not employed by the organization where you were injured, you may also be denied workers’ compensation. This applies to contractors, sole proprietors, and other types of self-employed businesses. Otherwise, you would file a personal injury claim.

When your injury has an unknown cause or can’t be explained, you can also be denied benefits. This is because your injury might have nothing to do with your employer. If it is difficult to discover whether you were injured due to your workplace environment or activities, then you’ll be ineligible for workers’ comp.

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