Aug 6, 2013

Maine Worker Awarded $1 Million

A sales consultant at the Bennington Paperboard Company in New York, injured when his foot was caught in an industrial machine, finally received compensation for his injury, according to this article in the Injured worker gets $1 million in lawsuit.

In August 2007, Kevin D’Allaird suffered when his “…foot was later sucked into a “nip joint” between two rollers on the machine. It took co-workers more than a half-hour to extricate D’Allaird.” His complaint was filed against Montalvo Corp., a maker of paper-making machine parts, and Markline Sales Inc., a Buffalo sales consulting company, according to the article.

D’Allaird’s attorney, Michael C. Conway of Albany, settled the case just before trial. Markline agreed to pay D’Allaird $300,000 and Montalvo $700,000, Conway said.

Terms of settlements are typically kept confidential.

According to OSHA [The Occupational Safety and Health Administration], the more moving parts in a machine, the more hazardous it is to workers. “Rotating motion can be dangerous; even smooth, slowly rotating shafts can grip clothing, and through mere skin contact force an arm or hand into a dangerous position. Injuries due to contact with rotating parts can be severe,” according to their website.

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