The Use of Video Surveillance to Catch Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Take for example what happened to a husband and wife in North Carolina. The couple was put under video surveillance because of an anonymous tip. Based on the tip, investigators videotaped the couples’ activities looking specifically for discrepancies in what they claimed their pain included. The investigators captured on film activities such as driving and mowing the lawn. As a result, the two faced criminal charges associated with workers’ compensation fraud.

It is not unusual for someone receiving workers’ compensation benefits be placed under surveillance. It is important to note, that if a workers’ compensation doctor has placed you on certain physical restrictions it is not just for while you at work but also applies to your daily activities outside of work.

A private investigator may film an injured worker performing their daily activities, such as shopping and driving. Investigators are looking for specific things that the injured worker does that is outside the restrictions set forth by the workers’ compensation doctor.

The State Board of Georgia has a Fraud Enforcement Division. Anyone may leave the enforcement division a tip if they suspect someone is committing workers’ compensation fraud.