May 20, 2013

Horrific Accident Injuries Temp Worker

A Florida man, Edgardo Toucet, has filed a lawsuit due to horrific injuries sustained as a result of improper training while temping at the Future Foam Carpet Cushion Company. Toucet suffered the loss of his penis and testicles in 2010 while working at their facility.

Spartan Staffing, the agency that Toucet worked for when the accident occurred, is being sued, along with Barbara Pridgen, the employee responsible for making sure he was trained properly in using a foam cutting machine.

A recent article in the Huffington Post, Edgardo Toucet Gets Penis Cut Off By Machine At Temp Job In Florida, Sues Spartan Staffing, quotes his attorneys on how the accident occurred:

“The blade, called a peeler machine, had no safety guard, the suit claims, because it was intentionally removed before Toucet used it. The suit also alleges that the machine’s emergency off-switch worked only occasionally.”

According to Courthouse News Service’s article, “A peeler machine is run by two people, an operator and helper, and uses a razor-sharp blade to cut carpet foam.”

Toucet, who is from Puerto Rico, spoke no English before the accident. He received instructions in English and with hand signals before the accident.

Toucet, who has a wife and children, received worker’s compensation for his injuries, according to his attorney Michael Valen. However, a previous lawsuit was dismissed. Valen feels that this time, the suit will be successful.

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