Lawsuits Result When Workers Severely Burned


Some of the most painful injuries anyone can suffer are burns.

A Houston man recently suffered severe burns, as reported byWorker Injured in Akzo Nobel Plant Fire Files Lawsuit, Claiming Company Didn’t Provide Safe Working Environment.

In March, worker Toyo Gonzalez suffered chemical burns to his face after an explosion at the Akzo Nobel plant in La Porte Texas. The fire happened in the middle of the day and more than 80 workers were evacuated.

Gonzalez was wearing safety goggles, which prevented his injuries from being worse. However, the chemical burns to his face were severe, according to his attorney Jason Burns. Old equipment and inadequate workplace safety are claimed in the lawsuit.

More recently, a worker was injured when a barge exploded in Mobile Alabama, according to this article: Second lawsuit filed over Mobile River barge explosions. George Erickson suffered second and third degree burns over more than half his body. He remained unconscious in the hospital for days after the accident.

Erickson is represented by attorney Desi Tobias, who noted “…his client was working for Oil Recovery Co. of Alabama, which was hired to clean two oil barges at its facility off of Dunlap Drive.”

Over the past few years, I represented many workers injured by burns from a fire while on the job. These injuries can cause permanent scaring and emotional distress for the injured worker and their families. I was successful in getting my clients the medical and income benefits they deserve as well as a good settlement.

Burns often require extensive treatment and lengthy recovery times. Coping with burns can be very difficult. If you or someone you know has been injured due to an accident involving burns, call Nate Hansford at 770-922-3660 for a free consultation about a possible worker’s compensation case.