Workers Injured at Natural Gas Processing Plant


Five workers were injured on March 31 when an explosion shook a natural gas processing plant in the state of Washington. This blast “sparked a fire and punctured one of the facility’s two giant storage tanks for liquefied natural gas.” Approximately 400 people from the neighboring areas were evacuated.

The County Sheriff said that ” a relatively small amount of gas leaked from the tank to the ground in a moat-like containment area [and then] then evaporated, blowing away to the northeast.” In a couple of hours, the fire was extinguished and the area was under control.

Although none of the injuries are expected to be life-threatening, a burn injury or other injury on the job can cause workers severe limitations and impair their earning potential.

Working with natural gas can be dangerous. Employers owe it to their workers to make sure chemicals do not cause injury. Have you been injured in an accident involving natural gas? If you or someone you know thinks they have suffered such an injury, Nate Hansford can help. Contact Nate by phone at 770-922-3660.