Firefighters Injured on the Job Every Day

Firefighters face danger every day, and they are often injured, as this recent story proves: Injured Firefighter Released from Hospital. A firefighter, Spurgeon Putnam, had fallen 20 feet while working a fire scene at the Victoria Apartment Homes on Roswell Road.

Many crews were battling the fire. Putnam and another firefighter, Josh Martinson, were both injured and treated at Grady Memorial Hospital. Fortunately, none of the apartment residents were seriously hurt. According to the Insurance Journal, there were More Than 65,000 Firefighters Injured on Job in 2013. The Northeast is the area where most of the injuries occur. These are the most common injuries:

• strains, sprains, and muscular pain (55.3 percent)
• followed by wounds, cuts, bleeding, and bruising (13.8 percent)
• burns (5.1 percent)
• smoke or gas inhalation (5.0 percent)

According to the story, “The statistics were collected from fire departments responding to the 2013 NFPA survey for U.S. Fire Experience.” Not all injuries happen when firefighters respond to a fire. These are some other causes:

• 4,015 while responding to or returning from an incident
• 7,770 during training activities
• strains, sprains, and muscular pain accounted for 58.4 percent of all non-fireground injuries Homes are not the only locations of dangerous fires.

A storage facility was the site of a recent fire where eight firefighters injured battling large California fire. The facility was constructed to hold contents, and not allow outsiders in, “The building’s metal roof made it difficult for heat and smoke to escape. Firefighters cut holes in the roof and broke windows to try to ventilate the structure.” Are you or a loved one a firefighter injured as a result of fire? Such an injury may be covered under worker’s compensation laws. Nate Hansford can help you understand if you have a case. Contact Nate by phone at 770-922-3660.