Oct 10, 2014

Explosion in Alabama Steel Plant Kills Workers

A recent explosion at a steel manufacturer company in Alabama was a scene
of tragedy, according to
One fatality, two injured in explosion at U.S. Steel in Fairfield.

Three workers were injured when a pipe exploded in the QBOP are of the
plant. Molten steel is produced and handled in that area. Company emergency
staff responded to the incident, and the workers were later transferred
to the hospital. One worker later died.

The initial blast happened on September 21, 2014.

According to
this story on September 24, a second worker later died. A Labor Department spokesman
said OSHA is investigating.

“This marks the eighth OSHA investigation of the facility since
2003, according to documents provided by the department. The Fairfield
Works facility is located about 10 miles outside of Birmingham.”

The local ABC affiliate
reports that the three men injured were Leo Bridges and Mac Bedwell. The first
worker who was injured and later died was Edward Lamar Bryant. Leo Bridges
died a few days after the blast.

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