Sep 15, 2014

Gas Company Fined for Deadly Blast

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has now been fined as a result of
a 2010 explosion that killed 8 people, according to
PG&E fined 1.4B for deadly 2010 gas line blast. The 1.4 billion dollar penalty is a record settlement, according to the
California Public Utilities Commission.

The 2010 blast occurred because of an aged gas pipeline. It killed 8 people
in the San Bruno suburb of San Francisco. The strength of the blast was
initially thought to be an earthquake.

PG&E issued this statement: “We have respectfully asked that
the commission ensure that the penalty is reasonable and proportionate
and takes into consideration the company’s investments and actions
to promote safety.”

PG&E was previously fined $635 for the disaster.

A 2011 investigation of this disaster found the “…safety
management of its pipelines overall deficient and ineffective,”
according to the article. There is also a federal indictment on 27 counts
they violated safety requirements, and there’s a count alleging
that PG&E lied to the National Transportation Safety Board during
the San Bruno investigation.

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