Sep 8, 2014

Weather Related Injuries May Result in Worker’s Compensation Payouts

In August of this year, Vincent Curley was recently awarded $215,000 as
a result of an accident that happened in 2010 at his workplace, according to
Graniteville Worker Injured at Manhattan Job Site Settles Lawsuit for $215K.

Curley was in an area between supply trucks and sewage trucks when he
slipped and fell on ice. He suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee
and had to have surgery.

In addition to the award, “He also received Workers Compensation
benefits, which made the total award more than $328,000,” his attorney
Michael H. Bush said.

If one works outside, weather can create a hazardous workplace. If a worker
is injured because of weather — for instance sustaining broken bones,
heat stroke, frostbite, etc. — that creates a hazardous condition,
a court may decide the injury is worker’s comp.

Employers are obligated to ensure the workplace is safe. If workers are
asked to be outside in extreme weather, protective clothing should be
worn. In another example, an employer should make sure that the parking
lot is not covered in ice. Falling due to ice or snow can cause severe injuries.

Have you or a loved on been injured as a result of hazardous weather conditions
around your workplace? Such an injury may mean compensation is available
under worker’s compensation laws. Nate Hansford can help you understand
if you have a case. Contact Nate by phone at 770-922-3660.