What to Look for in a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Finding the right lawyer to represent your workers’ compensation claim is important, especially if your claim has been denied by your employer. Because of the complexity of workers’ comp law, you want a lawyer who has experience dealing with these types of cases. With so many television commercials, print ads, and internet marketing, weeding out the professionals from the dabblers is more difficult than ever before. The following tips can help you find qualified representation for your case.

  • Ask for Recommendations: You're more likely to find quality counsel through a referral than by flipping through the phone book. Many good attorneys use word-of-mouth and referrals from satisfied customers instead of massive advertisement campaigns. Your friends, colleagues, or family members might know an experienced workers’ comp attorney. Ask around!
  • Search the Web: Nowadays, it’s very common to search for a lawyer online. If the attorney you’re interested in has a website, look to see if it emphasizes workers' compensation expertise or if the practice appears to handle a variety of cases. Take note of the firm’s client testimonials and check if their site contains articles or other information about workers' comp law. However, don’t base your choice entirely on their website.
  • Treat Your Consultation Like an Interview: Most workers' comp attorneys offer free initial consultations. Your lawyer is likely to ask you a lot of questions; be sure you ask just as many questions of the attorney. This can help you gauge the attorney's level of expertise in workers' compensation and professionalism.

You want a lawyer who inspires your confidence and treats you with respect. With over 20 years of collective experience, our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys can do just that! Our firm proudly represents injured and disabled employees in workers’ comp cases throughout the state. More importantly, we know this area of law like the back of our hands.

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