Jan 9, 2017

Guide to Winning Your Work Injury Claim

Have you been injured while on-the-job? If you want to be treated fairly and get the medical attention you need without breaking the bank, you will probably need to file a workers’ compensation claim. But where do you begin? What exactly should you expect? If you aren’t prepared with some basic knowledge, making your claim a winner will be an uphill battle.

Here’s what you need to know to make a strong work injury claim:

  • Be quick: Hesitation is your worst enemy in a work injury case. The moment you get hurt while performing a job-related task is the moment you need to let a supervisor know and seek medical treatment. If you delay even a day or so to notify your employer, it gives them reason to doubt that your injury actually occurred at work. There is also short one-year statute of limitations on work injury claims in Georgia, so waiting more than 12 months will strip you of any chance of finding compensation.
  • Be thorough: Georgia is actually a no-fault state when it comes to workers’ compensation claims, which means that any injured employee doesn’t have to provide evidence that their employer’s or coworker’s negligence led to their accident. There must only be evidence that the accident occurred while on-the-job or performing any other task related to their work. However, do not mistake no-fault laws for leniency. You still need to be thorough and get as much information to back your claim as you can. Consider eyewitness testimonies, security camera footage, the accident records of your company, medical diagnoses, and so on. The more, the better.
  • Be prepared: You won’t find an employer that happily accepts a workers’ compensation claim since their own insurance premiums are sure to rise. With that said, the insurance company working with your employer won’t want to give a cent if it can be helped. You should anticipate some resistance and take the initiative by hiring professional legal counsel of your own from the beginning.

At Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer is ready to fight for your rights if you are seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Our goal from start to finish is your comfort and recovery. You will see dedication and compassion in everything that we do for your case. Contact us today for more information about how you can start your claim.