May 10, 2017

Georgia to Provide Workers’ Comp Benefits to Firefighters with Cancer

Firefighters throughout Georgia have been on a campaign recently to gain better
workers’ compensation benefits. Specifically, firefighters in the state want more coverage for cancer
and cancer-related illnesses developed while performing regular job duties.
It is not uncommon for firefighters to encounter dangerous chemicals and,
of course, inhale smoke, even when using protective gear properly.

After a rousing debate lead by Georgia State Senator John Albers, who is
also a firefighter in addition to his governmental career, it seems that
firefighters in the state have landed a victory. The discussion was focused
around lowering the level of evidence required in a firefighter’s
workers’ compensation claim regarding cancer and cancer illnesses.
Previously, a firefighter was required to show “clear and convincing”
evidence that their occupation caused the development of their cancer.
Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Albers and others involved in the campaign,
the Senate has agreed that just “a preponderance” of evidence
will suffice, which is a notably lower evidential requirement.

Georgia legislators originally resisted the lowering of evidential requirements
out of fear that too many workers’ compensation claims paid out
to firefighters for carcinogen exposure would drain the state’s
coffers. A strong counterargument to this belief was citing other states
who have low evidential requirements for identical and similar workers’
compensation claims. There is little proof that any of those states have
experienced a sharp influx of claim filings, or a significant rise in
claim payouts due to the lessened standards.

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Even with the new change to the evidential requirement for firefighter
cancer claims, it may still be unexpectedly difficult for a claim to be
accepted. This is especially true when considering that firefighters who
have developed such serious illnesses and diseases may not reasonably
have the time or energy to collect and organize even just “a preponderance”
of evidence to back their claims.

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