Apr 19, 2018

Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Recovers $600,000

Mr. Hansford recently settled a Georgia catastrophic workers’ compensation
claim for $600,000.00. This gentleman sustained a catastrophic injury
to his right knee which resulted in an below the knee amputation.

Unfortunately, the client’s right foot and leg was crushed when an
extremely large metal plate weighing over 2,000 pounds fell on his foot
and leg. The claim initially was not treated as catastrophic, but due
to Mr. Hansford’s aggressive representation for his client, he was
able to get this claim deemed catastrophic approximately 6 months after
the accident. Eventually, Mr. Hansford settled this claim for $600,000.00
at a mediation.

The client was very pleased with the result. Our firm is always happy to
help other individuals who have significant and catastrophic injuries.
We will do whatever we can within the laws of Georgia to fight for our
clients to get them the best representation and most fair and amicable

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