Dec 10, 2018

Workplace Shootings Part 1: Workers’ Compensation

Are Workplace Shootings Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance covers injuries suffered in the workplace due to virtually any reason, including workplace violence and shootings. If you are caught in the crossfire of a workplace shooting or were intentionally shot at work, you may be able to collect workers’ compensation for your injuries.  As with most injury claims, there are exceptions to every rule, so it is best to consult with an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney from our team at Hansford McDaniel LLC regarding the details of your case. Don’t delay, the sooner you retain our services, the more time we have to build a successful case.

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When is Workers’ Compensation Applicable?

Although violence can occur in the workplace due to outside circumstances such as marital or familial conflict, there are cases of workplace violence that are applicable to workers’ compensation benefits. Circumstances of workplace shootings that warrant coverage by workers compensation may include:

  • Shooting by a customer in a workplace robbery
  • Shooting by a disgruntled coworker (intentional or crossfire)
  • Shooting retaliation from a person or family member of a person who was involved in a workplace crime
  • Shooting on the grounds of the workplace, outside of the building
  • Shooting involving mentally unstable persons
  • Shooting involving a transportation job (such as transportation of money or goods)

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Any kind of workplace injury can lead to lost wages, medical bills, stress and suffering but in the case of a workplace shooting, these things are often magnified.  Shooting injuries can result in surgery, extensive therapy, time off work and emotional damages that require psychological treatment. When there is so much involved in recovery, it pays to examine all avenues of compensation. If you were injured in a workplace shooting, let us review your case and work to obtain the compensation you deserve, so that you can focus on recovery.

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