Jun 26, 2018

Common Causes of On-the-Job Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can result in long-term pain and stiffness. Whiplash, fractured vertebrae, disk injuries, spinal cord damage, and pinched nerves are common types of neck injuries. Whether you work at a desk all day, or you lift heavy equipment at a construction site, you may be at risk for serious neck injuries. Our firm wants to inform you of the most common causes of neck injuries, and how to avoid them.

The most common causes of on-the-job neck injuries include the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Repetitive motions
  • Slip or trip and falls
  • Poor posture

Car Accidents

Whiplash is one of the most common types of neck injuries in car accidents. Even if you are involved in a minor fender bender, the impact may be enough to jolt the muscles and ligaments in your neck and spine. This type of injury may not exhibit symptoms for hours or even days after the crash. That is why it is important to see a doctor after a car accident, even if you feel fine. Headaches, stiffness, and dizziness are signs of whiplash. Practicing safe driving habits and avoiding distractions while behind the wheel can help increase your safety on the road.

Repetitive Motions

Continuous strain on your neck may lead to gradual wear and tear injuries. If you start to notice pain or stiffness in your neck, especially after sitting at your desk for a few hours or lifting heavy equipment, it is important to see a doctor to determine if you are developing a repetitive strain injury. Stretching and taking regular breaks can help avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Slip or Trip & Falls

Slipping and falling at work can lead to a serious neck injury. Vertebral fractures, whiplash, and other injuries may also be caused by tripping or slipping and falling at work. It is important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings, abide by safety protocols at construction sites, and to wear proper shoes to help avoid slip or trip and fall incidents at work.

Poor Posture

Particularly if you lift heavy loads without using adequate support for your back and neck, or if you sit with poor posture at a desk all day, your neck may suffer immense strain. Using ergonomic equipment, such as ergonomic keyboards, chairs, and lifting machines, as well as maintaining proper posture and taking rest breaks, can help you avoid a neck injury.

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