Mar 26, 2018

Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys to Sponsor The Final Round Golf Event!

We’re proud to announce that Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys will be sponsoring the upcoming The Final Round charity golf event! The event is being put on by CHRIS 180’s Emerging Leaders Network, and is aimed at raising funds to advocate for ending youth homelessness through effective initiatives and programs, including providing safe housing, support services, and street outreach.

Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys is a sponsor at the “par” level, opting to support this cause that we believe is so important for our community. CHRIS 180 is dedicated to helping young adults who find themselves on hard times quickly turn their lives around, find jobs, and get back on their feet. All proceeds from the event will go directly to funding homes outreach programs that the charity provides, which will help nearly 1,000 homeless individuals.

The Emerging Leaders Network raised more than $30,000 towards these programs in 2017, and is pushing to exceed these goals this year.

The Final Round is the ELN’s signature fundraising event of the year, and features a viewing party and silent auction during the Final Round of the Master’s Tournament, one of the most prestigious events of the calendar year on the professional golf circuit, held every year just up the road at Augusta National. New for this year, the event will also feature a par-three golf tournament, allowing attendees to put their own skills on the course to the test in a friendly competition.

About CHRIS 180

CHRIS 180 is a charity that’s dedicated to helping heal children, strengthen families, and build up their community. Their ambition is to be Georgia’s go-to place for those who have experienced trauma in order to help them learn how to recover, become resilient, and pivot toward a new future of hope and confidence. Their core values include creativity, honesty, integrity, respect, and safety.

About Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys is a workers’ compensation law firm located in Atlanta that is dedicated to helping those who have been injured on the job get the treatment and compensation they deserve. They have a wide range of experience handling injury claims of all different types from many different industries. Their mission is simple: be the powerful, knowledgeable, and dedicated advocate that their clients need to not only successfully utilize Georgia’s workers’ compensation program to the fullest possible extent, but also to help them receive the compensation they deserve, including receiving all necessary treatments while combatting against insurance companies and employers who seek to downplay claims or try and reduce their financial liability.

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