Nov 21, 2018

4 Common Causes of Workplace Accidents during the Holiday Season

With the arrival of winter, many workers have to deal with more on their plate as usual. From hosting family members from out of town and planning delicious meals to going holiday shopping and embarking on a road trip, these festive events may result in an employee’s loss of focus, which may result in an accident and injury on the job during this time of year.

The following are several common causes of workplace accidents during the holiday season:

  • Fatigue – Due to the extra amount of tasks and responsibilities associated with the holidays, fatigue can be a cause of concern. If you are working in a high-risk workplace such as a construction site or oilfield, dozing off while performing job duties can lead to serious accidents, injuries, and property damage. If your scope of employment involves operating a work vehicle, fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Moreover, the cold months of the winter often make people fall ill, which can worsen fatigue.
  • Pressure – On top of the stress associated with the holidays, the holiday season is the busiest time of year for many industries, which creates more pressure on employees to work harder. However, when the pressure causes workers to rush or become frustrated, there are more likely to be accidents and mistakes, such as a slip and fall, bumping into heavy equipment, or forgetting to perform important tasks.
  • Slips and falls – Since winter weather consists of snow, ice, and rain, these conditions make walking surfaces in the workplace slippery and slick, which can cause slip and fall accidents. The holidays also mean decorations, which can cause trips and falls if cables and wiring are exposed in rooms and corridors. Additionally, many workplaces decorate the exterior of the workplace, which may require the use of ladders. However, ladder falls involving holiday decorations are a main cause of injury during this time of year.
  • Drunk driving – Whether it’s a holiday work party or a festive event with friends and family, there plenty of opportunities to consume alcohol throughout the season. Unfortunately, car accidents injuries and deaths drastically increase during the cold winter months, especially when they involve drunk drivers.

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