Aug 20, 2019

How can Inadequate Workplace Training Cause Injury?

Poorly trained employees are an unintentional danger to themselves and co-workers. Training (which typically consists of onsite classes and training on pieces of equipment) not only increases the likelihood of employee productivity, but also decreases the chance of workplace injury.

Many employers view in-depth training as an unneeded expense and opt for informal, new-hire trainings conducted by supervisors and seasoned employees. This approach is often inadequate and almost always creates problems for the company.

Unsafe Work Environment

If an employee isn’t properly trained, they will be more likely to injure themselves or others. This may be because the employee was hired under false pretenses. For example, they could have lied about a specific skill in order to land the job. Or, perhaps, they were trained by an older employee who used shortcuts rather than the recommended way to operate machinery, thus learning unsafe methods of operation from the start. New employees are more likely to make simple mistakes; if they do so while operating equipment in an unintended way, it could result in someone getting hurt.

Lower Rate of Production

If employees don’t know enough about how to perform their jobs effectively and confidently, they will work slower. In addition, if they haven’t been properly trained, they will seek guidance from employees who have been there longer.

This will slow down the rate of production for both employees, as the established employee will need to stop what they are doing in order to assist the new employee. When the older employee returns to their own work, they will likely quicken their pace to make up for lost time. This could cause the employee to make a mistake that results in a minor to severe injury.

Lack of Detailed Information

Perhaps a new employee is aware of how to operate machinery correctly but is unaware of other workplace hazards. For example, an employee new to construction may know how to operate tools; however, they could be unaware of ladder safety or how to avoid electrocution while installing wires. A job site is required to list potential hazards and how to avoid them.

Representation for Workers’ Compensation Claims

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