What Happens to My Workers' Comp Benefits If I Go on Vacation?

After putting in hard work on the job day in and day out, we all deserve a vacation. This also applies to those currently receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

Just because you are injured doesn’t mean you must stop living your life. There is nothing in the federal workers’ comp laws which prevents you from going on vacation, which means you can still receive benefits. Taking a trip can be therapeutic when dealing with the stress of a workplace injury.

However, there are several things you must keep in mind while you’re on a trip to avoid losing your benefits:

  • Follow the doctor’s orders – In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you must frequently see your primary care physician, physical therapist, or any other health care provider to obtain treatment for your injury. You are required to keep your appointments and make each one. If you miss an appointment or attempt to reschedule your appointment, you could lose your benefits since your case manager will view this type of behavior as a failure to comply with treatment. Make sure you will not be missing or rescheduling your doctor appointments while you’re away.
  • You might be under surveillance – It is not uncommon for insurance companies to hire investigators after you file for workers’ compensation. Their job is to look for anything which could prove the illegitimacy of your workers’ compensation claim. If you happen to go against your medical restrictions by participating in high-risk activities or do something which a person who has the same injury couldn’t do, then the investigator will notify your employer’s insurance provider. On the other hand, if you share any type photos or videos of high-risk behavior on your social media accounts, insurance companies, and investigators can see this as evidence of disobeying the terms of workers’ compensation.
  • You must continue to seek employment – If you suffered a serious injury and you can no longer perform your regular job duties, you may be required to look for another job in order to receive your benefits. If you take a week-long trip and stop searching for or didn’t find enough employment opportunities throughout your vacation, you may lose your benefits.

If you are planning on taking a vacation soon, our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney at The Law Offices of Nathaniel F. Hansford can review your situation, determine the risks you face, and devise a plan to make sure you don’t jeopardize your workers’ comp benefits. For more information, contact us and schedule a free consultation today.