Jul 29, 2019

Does Workers’ Compensation Just Cover Medical Bills and Income?

The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide benefits to employees who are injured on the job. When suffering from a work injury, a victim incurs many new expenses that they would not be responsible for if the work accident had not occurred.

Medical bills are a primary expense, and depending on the severity of the injury, hurt employees can receive additional benefits if they are unable to work. However, a work injury can result in expenses beyond healthcare costs and the expenses associated with lost wages. A successful workers’ compensation claim can result in further payouts for the injury victim.

Transportation and Other Treatment-Associated Costs

Recovering from an injury involves many other costs outside of paying for the treatment itself. A victim of a work injury may incur additional expenses just to acquire the treatment they need.

The cost of transportation is one example of a non-medical cost that is adjacent to treatment. The price of gas to get to and from doctors’ appointments, using public transportation, paying for an Uber or Lyft — these are all costs that are related to the work injury. It is possible to recover additional benefits for transportation costs in a workers’ compensation claim agreement.

An injury victim’s treatment plan may require aides other than surgery or medication. The cost of physical therapy, mental therapy, or installing handicap-accessible features in a home could be covered by workers’ compensation insurance as well.

Occupational Rehabilitation

In the aftermath of an on-the-job injury, victims sometimes work to get back to the role in which the accident occurred. If they are no longer able to perform that job, they may need to complete trainings to help them move into a new position. Workers’ compensation benefits sometimes include coverage for the education that is required to get a new job after an injury.

A work accident affects the life of the victim well beyond their health. There are many other expenses that hurt employees incur besides medical bills. Our experienced attorneys can help you achieve coverage for these expenses when you are injured on the job.

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