Jul 17, 2019

How to Prepare for a Workers’ Compensation Mediation Meeting

The workers’ compensation claim process sometimes involves meeting with your employer, their insurance company, and a third party (usually an attorney or someone from the state board of workers’ compensation) in a setting known as mediation. During mediation, the parties involved in a workers’ compensation case attempt to agree on the terms of the claim without entering a courtroom.

The purpose of mediation is to resolve a workers’ compensation case in the most peaceful way possible. Although avoiding conflict is a goal, it is important to protect your rights during the mediation process as well. Preparing for the meeting in advance will ensure the process is successful.

Do Your Research

You’ll want to enter a mediation meeting informed and aware of your rights. Before beginning the process, you should read up on the workers’ compensation laws in your state and think about how they relate to your specific case. Entering the mediation educated about workers’ compensation laws and processes will not only help you follow along, but allow you to work in tandem with your attorney to protect your rights.

Build a Case

Before your mediation, you should gather all documents related to your case and keep track of how your injury has developed. With medical records, photographs, and other pieces of evidence, you will be able to represent your side of the story with tangible proof.

Hire an Attorney

With the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, being prepared for a mediation will be much easier. Attorneys can help you gather documents, educate you on the law, inform you of your rights, and represent those rights during the mediation process.

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