Jun 21, 2019

What If No One Witnessed My Workplace Injury?

As an injured employee, you are only entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and compensation under the premise that your injury occurred in the workplace. Employers may go to great lengths in an attempt to disqualify or undermine your claim, valid as it may be. You may be wondering what happens if there is no one to witness your injury, in which case you must apply other evidential support to establish your claim. Unfortunately, many unwitnessed work injury claims are initially, unfairly denied though there is always an opportunity to request an appeal of this decision. 

In order to increase your chances of successfully obtaining the full workers’ compensation you deserve, consider these tips:

  • Do not delay. Report your injury to your employer the moment you become aware of any symptoms, regardless of how minimal or harmless they may primarily appear.  
  • Seek medical attention immediately. Be honest with your doctor as this information will be used as evidence to validate your claim.  
  • Be as detailed as possible. This is a crucial part of the process as the more specific you are, the clearer the picture of your injury becomes. Do not admit fault under any circumstances.

If you are concerned about the receiving the maximum workers’ compensation benefits you deserve, rest assured you are not alone. Countless employees are victims of workplace injuries or accidents that do not occur in the presence of others, and workers’ compensation law protects them from being wronged even further.

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