Jun 28, 2019

When Teens Are Injured In Workplace Accidents

As teenagers enter the working world, their inexperience makes them susceptible to countless dangers. Summer is an opportune time for teenagers to experience the workforce before entering it full-time as adults. While teens and young adults can gain great work ethic, initiative, and other valuable skills during this process, workplace accidents pose a significant risk for the inexperienced and unsuspecting. Tragically, many teens are injured on the job every day. In fact, nearly twice as many are injured in the workplace as compared to adults. These injuries include burns, cuts, muscle sprains and tears, broken bones, concussions, and amputations.

Examples of common dangerous workplace incidents include, but are not limited to:  

  • Slip and fall accidents at restaurants, retail stores, repair shops, etc.
  • Falling from a ladder while stocking products
  • Grease burns from a fast food restaurant
  • Traffic accidents for delivery or ridesharing drivers
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Chemical burns from toxic solvents

Many of these incidents are preventable in nature, and vulnerable teens who are new to the workforce do not always understand the complete extent of their rights. However, these workers have the right to file for workers’ compensation just as any other employee. While most teenagers work fewer hours as compared to adults, they still have a high rate of workplace injuries which adversely impact their ability to continue working, attending school, and partaking in other regular activities.

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