Jun 14, 2019

Why You Must Always Report Minor Workplace Injuries to Your Employer

Accidents happen when we least expect them to, as is their nature. Their unpredictability makes it difficult to know what to do at the moment, especially when they occur in the workplace. Even the most cautious and experienced employee may fall victim to an injury at work. Unfortunately, what appears to be minor or harmless can escalate into something more serious in just a matter of time. For example, an outwardly mild bruise may later reveal to be internal bleeding. Therefore, you cannot diagnose or assess your own injuries as they may lead to worsened medical complications.

While many employees feel their minor injuries are not worth reporting to their employer, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is it a good idea to notify your employer the moment you sense any symptoms, but it is crucial in strengthening your future workers’ compensation claim. Injured employees do not always consider the long-term consequences of keeping their injuries under wraps. While a minor injury is unlikely to entitle you to any benefits or compensation, you cannot predict the extent of your injury and how it may worsen over time. No matter how minimal or unimportant your injury may seem, you must immediately report the incident to your employer or supervisor and in doing so, avoid future complications that threaten both your claim and your job. By not reporting your work-related injury or illness in a timely manner, you are allowing your employer to question or doubt its validity.  

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