Mar 12, 2019

How Fatigue Can Result in Workplace Injuries

Commonly mistaken as another word for “tired,” fatigue is an unfortunate reality for millions of Americans across the nation. Despite its commonality, fatigue is not an inescapable part of keeping up with the workforce. In fact, fatigue is entirely preventable in nature, and it starts with both employers and employees being aware of the risks associated with a lack of sleep or rest.  

No employee deserves to be overworked to the point of exhaustion, possibly risking their lives while on the job. The National Safety Council has named fatigue as one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and accidents. Tragically, many workplace deaths are as a result of being overworked, which so often leads to an increase in errors, reduced cognitive thinking, and slower reaction times.

Out of pure necessity, many people work more than one job and fail to take adequate breaks in between. Countless Americans deal with fatigue as part of their daily lives, especially if their employers do not grant them ample breaks. If you have suffered as a result of your employer forcing you into positions of being overworked, there is no time to waste in enlisting the services of workers’ compensation lawyers to correct this injustice.

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