May 3, 2019

3 Work Safety Tips for the Summer

As spring wraps up and the summer months approach, many young people are preparing to take on jobs for the first time. As the school year soon comes to a close, countless college and high school students are invading the workforce without much knowledge of what’s to come. While many people assume the winter months are more dangerous overall due to adverse weather conditions, the summertime poses unique risks when it comes to the health and safety of workers across various industries.

If you are working for the summer, consider these safety tips to prevent on-the-job injuries or accidents:

  • Heat illness – Heat tolerance is a serious and often-overlooked issue. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, humidity, dehydration, or a lack of air circulation can all adversely affect your health. It is important you wear appropriate clothing, take regular water breaks, and stay in the shade when possible. Watch out for warning signs of heat exhaustion.
  • Follow the rules of the road – Many people take up driving for Uber, Lyft, Postmates, etc. Operating a vehicle in bumper-to-bumper vacation traffic while attempting to maintain a delivery schedule is incredibly risky.
  • Use the buddy system – If you are working with equipment or machinery, such as on a construction site, employ the buddy system. For example, never get on a ladder without another person’s aid.

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