Nov 19, 2019

Can I Use Any Doctor When I Get Hurt on the Job?

If you have a regular medical care provider, you may expect that you will be able to rely on their services following an on-the-job injury. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Occupational injury victims often are required to visit certain doctors who are pre-approved by their employer’s insurance company. Although not common, there are some instances in which you may be able to see a doctor of your choice.

Initial Medical Treatment

In the immediate aftermath of an on-the-job injury, receiving medical treatment should be your priority. The urgency of treatment for a work injury means that most people do not see a pre-approved doctor initially — and that’s ok. If you are severely injured at work, do not worry about seeing a doctor on your employer’s approved list, and get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Recovering from Your Work Injuries

Once you receive the initial medical treatment for your work injury, all following appointments will most likely be scheduled with a pre-approved doctor. Your employer should have a list of all of the providers which are approved by their insurance company and can share that information with you following an injury. If you don’t like the doctor you choose from the approved list you may be able to switch, but the doctor you switch to must be selected from the approved list as well.

In general, the only way you can choose your own doctor is if you predesignate a medical provider in advance of your claim. This information usually needs to be presented to an employer early in employment. A worker must specifically state that this doctor will treat them for any injuries that occur on the job, and that doctor must be approved before an injury even happens.

What is Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

In addition to regulating who you can see for treatment, your employer’s insurance company will also regulate what kind of treatment you are eligible to receive. Even if your doctor is approved, it’s possible that a type of surgery, medication, or medical device they recommend could not be covered. Treatment disapprovals are known as partial claim denials, and like any claim denial, can be appealed. Our attorneys can fight so you get the full amount of workers’ compensation you deserve.

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