Apr 6, 2020

How Workers’ Comp Plays a Role in Temporary Jobs

Temporary or seasonal workers are not necessarily more careless than normal, full-time employees. However, they may be more at risk for sustaining work injuries because of a lack of experience, inadequate training, or schedule interruptions.


Below, we discuss disability options that may be available to temporary workers in Georgia.

Temporary or Seasonal Workers

Many businesses hire more employees during busy seasons, such as during the summer months or winter months for retail companies. Many of these temporary workers are under the false impression that workers’ compensation insurance does not cover them if they are injured during these times of work.


According to Georgia workers’ compensation law, any business with three or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance coverage goes for all employees, regardless of however long they were hired to work for.

Potential Benefits Available

Don’t let your employer or the insurance company tell you what benefits you may be entitled to receive. You may be entitled to disability benefits that cover your medical bills and lost wages past however long you were set to work at your job.


For example, if your employer told you that you would work until the end of summer, but your injury prevents you from obtaining another job after this time passes, you may be entitled to additional benefits for lost wages.

Let Us Do the Work For You

If you sustained a work injury while performing a temporary job duty, you need seasoned legal representation. You may be entitled to more disability benefits than you realize and want to make sure someone is putting your best interests first.


At The Law Offices of Nathanial F. Hansford, our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys come backed with the experience, skills, and knowledge needed to help you obtain maximum disability benefits.


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