Feb 13, 2020

$140,000 & $145,000 Workers’ Comp Case Results by Hansford McDaniel LLC

Our team of workers’ compensation lawyers from Hansford McDaniel LLC in Atlanta are happy to announce we recently secured two favorable settlements for two separate clients. Each day we come to the office, we do everything we can to get our clients much needed compensation after a workplace accident. It fills us with pride and further motivation whenever we can report case successes like this to our clients and community.

Here are the key details of the two cases we recently settled:

  • Electrocution accident: Our client was electrocuted on-the-job and hurled off a tall ladder. They suffered back and brain injuries. After trying to return to work, they suffered two more injuries. After some negotiation with the responding insurance company, we were able to secure a $140,000 settlement, which included an allocation for future medical treatments. This case was primarily managed by Attorney Wes McDaniel.
  • Elevator accident: Our client was on-the-job when they fell down a 25-foot elevator shaft. They suffered numerous leg and lower body injuries, which required surgeries to treat. We secured a $145,000 settlement on their behalf. This case was primarily managed by Attorney Nathaniel Hansford and Attorney Elizabeth Sullivan.

Statewide Representation for Injured Workers

While these two settlements are outstanding examples of what our workers’ compensation attorneys can achieve for our clients, they are only a small representation of our case results. Throughout the years, we have collectively secured millions of dollars in workers’ compensation benefits for our clients, who work in all kinds of fields and occupations. If you ever get hurt while working anywhere in Georgia, we would like to hear from you to see how we can help you, too.

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