Jan 31, 2020

Attorney Sullivan Wins at Workers’ Compensation Hearing and Judge Assesses $10,000 in Attorney’s Fees Against The Employer/Insurer

Attorney Elizabeth Sullivan recently won a workers’ compensation hearing and recovered a substantial settlement for her client to cover Temporary Partial Disability (TPD), medical treatment of his injury, and attorney fees in the amount of $10,000.

Once his pain became severe, he went to multiple doctors and reported his injury to his employer. Since then, he has taken time off of work and received a few accommodations for his injury. His claim for workers’ compensation, however, was denied, despite substantial evidence demonstrating the severity of his back injury and the fact that it was unrelated to any previous medical issues.

With Attorney Sullivan’s counsel and representation, the employee took his case to court. His employer and insurer claimed that Sullivan’s client and witnesses had made up the entire incident, citing small discrepancies between each testimony as evidence of the fabrication. The judge, however, found the discrepancies too minor to suggest the incident was a lie, and the evidence gathered by Attorney Sullivan on her client’s behalf was too compelling to ignore. The Judge assessed $10,000 against the Employer’s Insurance for their unreasonableness.

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