Jul 17, 2020

Attorney Nicole Henderson Joins Law Offices of Nathaniel F. Hansford

Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys has grown once again to better serve our clients throughout Atlanta and beyond. Please join us in welcoming Attorney Nicole Henderson to our firm!

Originally from Atlanta, Attorney Henderson has dedicated her career to protecting the rights of injured workers. Most workers are never told about their workers’ compensation benefits, so they do not even know where to begin with a claim after an on-the-job injury. With clear communication, honesty, and compassion, Nicole shows our clients that they do have rights and options that should be utilized to their fullest extent.

Attorney Nicole Henderson was a workers’ compensation insurance defense attorney early in her legal career. She gained invaluable insight into how insurance companies try to shut down workers’ compensation claims, including those that are completely valid under their own policy terms and conditions. At our firm, she uses that information to the advantage of our clients, effectively turning the defense’s own tactics against themselves.

Nicole studied finance at Howard University before completing her law degree at Georgia State University College of Law. When not working on a case for our clients, she likes to go shopping, play with her dog, and travel with friends.

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