Mar 11, 2020

Can I Recover Workers’ Compensation for Car Accident Damages?

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to employees who are injured on the job. Often, these benefits are distributed regardless of the cause of injury. Work-related car accidents are one type of on-the-job incident that can be complex. Many jobs require driving as part of an employee’s everyday responsibilities, but driving’s “work relation,” in regard to workers’ compensation, can be a gray area in some cases.

Accidents in Company Vehicles

For some employees, driving a company vehicle is integral to their occupation: Delivery drivers, truckers, and maintenance workers are some examples. Your path to recovering compensation following an accident in one of these vehicles will depend on your employer’s policies. Some companies may offer workers’ compensation in the event of a company vehicle accident, while others may rely on an auto insurance policy to cover damages.

Accidents When Traveling for Work

If your job requires traveling, you may need to drive your own car to other locations or rent a car when you are visiting another office. Collisions that occur in these situations will most likely be covered by workers’ compensation, as your travel is directly related to your occupation. This includes incidents in which you are required to drive your own car to complete job responsibilities, such as running an errand or attending a conference.

Accidents During Commutes

Car accidents that occur during a commute are one type of work-related collision that often is not covered by workers’ compensation. Although commuting to your job is related to your work, it is not considered work-related under the workers’ compensation system. It is very rare for commute times to be considered as work hours, so travel to and from work is generally seen as independent from a job. If you are injured in a car accident during your commute, you would likely need to rely on your own car insurance provider or file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider in order to recover compensation.

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