May 18, 2020

What Types of Hospital Workers Are At Risk of Injuries and Hazards?

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly led to a public health crisis that many are concerned about. Georgia is one of the many states that has issued stay-at-home orders in order to contain the spread of this virus.

Additionally, the city of Atlanta issued an order that only allows for “essential businesses” to continue operations, including healthcare operations. The selfless actions of essential healthcare and hospital workers are undoubtedly saving thousands of lives and providing relief for those with COVID-19.

When many people think of essential hospital workers, they think about the doctors, nurses, and other medical providers. However, it’s important to also remember that these are not the only workers who face a wide range of potential hazards on the job every day.

Workers Who Are At-Risk

Hospital workers who are not in the medical field still, in fact, face certain hazards that medical providers face as well. Some hospital staff members that may be susceptible to injury and illness from work include:

  • Cleaning staff members

  • Receptionists and other administrators

  • Security guards

  • Food workers

  • Pharmacy workers

  • Caseworkers

  • Researchers and lab technicians

Common Hazards Faced by Hospital Workers

Those who work in a hospital setting or other medical setting face a variety of potential hazards on the job every day. Some of the potential risks they face include:

  • Infectious diseases

  • Slip, trip, and falls

  • Bodily exertion

  • Stress

  • Violence

  • Exposure to chemical and hazardous drugs

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Helping You File a Claim

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