Oct 7, 2020

Attorney McDaniel Secures Two Six-Figure Settlements

A cornerstone of our philosophies here at Hansford McDaniel LLC in Atlanta is that every case victory is one worth celebrating. We acknowledge that every case is a huge deal for our clients because the outcome makes a major impact on their life, for better or for worse. We would like to take this time to celebrate two recent settlement victories won by Attorney Wesley B. McDaniel.

Vehicle Accident Client – $100,000 Settlement 

Attorney Wesley B. McDaniel was able to reach a $100,000 settlement for his client who was crushed under a vehicle during the course of his employment. After years of treatment through workers’ compensation and multiple procedures and therapy sessions, Wesley was able to settle his case to secure compensation for necessary future treatments. Due to the confidentiality of the settlement, we cannot disclose more information about this case result, though.

Scaffolding Collapse Client – $190,000 Settlement

Our client suffered life-altering injuries to his bilateral shoulders and left ankle during the course and scope of his employment. He fell approximately 20 feet to the ground when the scaffold he was standing on collapsed. He was initially diagnosed with a fracture of the talar neck and osteochondral lesions. To repair the damage, he underwent multiple surgeries and procedures.

It was concluded that our client was catastrophically injured and unable to return to the workforce in any sort of gainful employment as a direct result of his on-the-job injuries. Attorney Wesley McDaniel was able to win a $190,000 settlement to help him find financial stability again after his devastating on-the-job accident.

To learn more about cases we recently won, you can browse our case results section or visit our blog for more stories. If you want to work with Attorney McDaniel or another workers’ compensation attorney from our Atlanta law firm, we invite you to call (770) 741-2825 and schedule a free case evaluation.