Oct 5, 2020

My Wrist Always Hurts at Work – Can I Get Workers’ Comp?

Do you sometimes experience wrist pain while completing your regular work duties? A task as simple as typing on a keyboard or picking up small products to place on shelves can trigger an ache in your wrist, especially if you repeat the same activity over and over again. While the soreness might not seem like a big deal right away, it could be the first sign of a serious wrist injury that might eventually warrant the need for workers’ compensation benefits.

How Do You Know If Your Wrist Pain is Serious?

The good news is that not all wrist pain is serious enough to require medical attention. Oftentimes, first-aid using supplies that should be in your workplace can bring down any swelling and alleviate the ache without any further trouble. Apply an icepack or a heat pack to your wrist if it is swelling or a heated pack if it feels stiff. With some luck, your wrist should start feeling better, especially if you intentionally limit its use for the rest of the day.

Your wrist pain could be the sign of something more serious if:

  • Swelling lasts for several days
  • Soreness becomes noticeably worse
  • Pain comes in sudden sharp waves
  • Range of motion is dramatically limited
  • Ache happens whenever you move your wrist

If you are at work when you suspect that your wrist could be seriously injured, then you should see a supervisor as soon as possible. Notify them of the issue, and discuss going to urgent care for an examination, ending your shift early, or at least moving onto different duties that will let you rest your wrist. Under most circumstances, you should choose the first option and request to see a doctor.

Is Wrist Pain Covered Under Workers’ Comp?

The workers’ compensation policy provided through your employment covers any injury related to your work or suffered in your workplace. Any sort of injury to your wrist should be covered. Therefore, when you ask your supervisor to see a doctor for an examination, the cost of that medical treatment should be covered by your employer’s insurance plan. The catch is that you might be required to see a doctor approved by the insurance company, depending on where you live.

If the doctor thinks your wrist injury is severe, then they might instruct you to take a week or longer off work. In this situation, your workers’ compensation benefits might allow you to collect temporary disability payments as an income replacement while you are unable to work due to your wrist. You might eventually become eligible for permanent disability benefits if your wrist injury is permanent and will make it so you are unable to return to any sort of work role for the foreseeable future. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one such wrist injury that sometimes leads to permanent disability filings.

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