Sep 1, 2020

Recent Workers’ Comp Client Sends Attorney Hansford a Heartfelt Testimonial

The people of Atlanta, Georgia can tell you that at Hansford McDaniel LLC, we really do care about our clients. Everyone who comes to our door is seen as a friend and a neighbor, and oftentimes they really are. When we receive word from a client that they think we treated them right or changed their life for the better, it means the world to us.

We recently received a heartfelt video testimonial from a recent workers’ compensation client, Charles, who suffered severe burn injuries across most of his body as a result of a workplace accident. The burns to his legs were catastrophic, and both had to be amputated. Despite the obvious severity and permanence of his injuries, the responding workers’ compensation insurance company did not want to make his claim easy for him.

Attorney Nathaniel Hansford, in the words of our client, “went to bat” against the insurance company and fought tenaciously at each turn in the case. We and our client are happy to be able to say Attorney Hansford secured a fantastic case result that will take care of Charles for the rest of his life.

Key details of the settlement we won:

  • Full payment of all past and current medical bills
  • Coverage for all future medical needs, including medical, dental, vision, and prescriptions
  • Structured settlement to pay approximately $50,000 a year for the rest of his life
  • Large initial settlement payment to care for his needs now

It is such a great feeling to know we were able to do so much good for such a good person who found themselves in a terrible situation. Thank you for sending us such a kind testimonial, Charles! It was an honor working with you, and please remember that you will always have friends and legal allies here at Hansford McDaniel LLC.

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