Apr 2, 2021

3 Benefits of Having Diversity in the Workplace

More than ever before, companies across the nation are making huge strides toward prioritizing diversity and inclusion as part of their initiatives and investing in resources that help employees succeed at their jobs. Diversity can come in many forms, such as:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Racial diversity
  • Religious diversity
  • Age diversity
  • Sex/gender diversity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability

There are many positive aspects to having diversity in the workplace, both from company-based and employee-based perspectives. Here are three examples of why diversity is beneficial at work:

Increased Productivity

Diversity can bring in many different people with various talents into one workplace, all of whom work towards a common goal together using different sets of skills. This can help employees broaden their own skill sets, allow fresh ideas to be brought in, and help others think outside of the box to improve team productivity.

Potential to Increase Profits

Many recent studies have shown that diversity in the workplace can lead to greater profits for companies. A 2013 survey by the Center for Talent Innovation found 48% of U.S. companies with more diversity at senior management levels were more likely to improve their market share from the previous year. Additionally, diversity entices a wider pool of candidates for job vacancies, which can mean more qualified candidates who are less likely to leave.

Improve Employee Engagement

There is no better way to learn about other cultures and diverse backgrounds than at work, where you collaborate with colleagues and spend much of your time with them. Employees can share their experiences and build trusting relationships with those around them. Ultimately, this can increase employee engagement and motivation.

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