Feb 9, 2021

$85K & Medical Benefits Secured for Man Working on Defective Transformer

Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia is once again excited to announce that our team has secured a victory for a workers’ compensation client. Attorney Wes McDaniel secured an $85,000 settlement and necessary medical treatments for a worker who suffered a severe neck injury while working on a defective transformer. He inadvertently worsened the injury several months later when he attempted to return to work.

Details of the Transformer Injury Case

In 2019, our client was attempting to repair a transformer when he suffered a work injury. While he was pulling a part with both arms, the part snapped causing his left arm to jerk backward. He felt and heard a large pop in his left shoulder. The part should not have snapped, so the sudden motion was an even worse surprise for him.

Immediately after the incident, he felt soreness and pain throughout his body. As it would turn out, he managed to injure his neck, upper extremities, and whole body in the sudden and violent jerking motion. After a few months of rest, he returned to work with the same employer in March 2020, where he subsequently suffered a reinjury to his neck.

Initially, the workers’ compensation insurance provider was not cooperative with his claim. The reinjury complicated matters and threatened his chance at getting the workers’ compensation benefits he needed. Once he signed with our firm, though, Attorney Wes McDaniel was able to get him the proper treatment, surgery, and recovery therapy needed and, a little later, a settlement of $85,000.00.

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