Feb 5, 2021

What Are the Most Common Injuries Sustained by Construction Workers?

Any job has risks, but when it comes to construction jobs, workers face hazards every day that can and do cause severe, debilitating injuries. Here are six of the most common injuries sustained by construction workers in the U.S.

Back Injury

Construction workers are often working at extreme heights. Losing one’s balance or faulty fall protective equipment can lead to serious back and spinal cord injuries, such as fractures, herniated discs, or injuries to the muscles and ligaments. Back injuries can also develop over time due to heavy lifting or repetitive movement.

Head Injury

Falling debris, swinging objects, or falls from heights can lead to any type of head injury from a mild concussion to a severe traumatic brain injury. Even with the right protective gear, such as a work helmet, head injuries are a real threat to construction workers on the job.

Eye Injury

In construction work, there are a lot of debris and particles flying through the air. If goggles are not worn properly or if a worker does not know they should be worn, particles may fly into the eye area and cause physical damage, such as corneal abrasions or burns. In severe situations, eye injuries can lead to partial or full blindness in the affected eye.

Crush Injury

Crush injuries occur when a part of the body is caught between two components and crushed. This most commonly affects the limbs, including the arms, hands, fingers, feet, and toes, and may involve large machinery, falling objects, trench collapse, or being run over by equipment.


There are many things that can go wrong on construction sites that can result in burns, including chemical spills, loose wires causing electrical burns, hot liquids and steam coming into contact with exposed areas of skin, and contact with flames or hot objects.

Hearing Loss

Construction sites are inherently noisy, and electrical saws, demolitions, and explosions are just some of the most common causes of hearing loss to construction workers. Partial or full hearing loss can occur after one extremely loud sound or can be caused after prolonged exposure to moderately high levels of noise.

Injured in a Construction Accident?

As much as you prepare and take all the precautions necessary to stay safe at work, accidents can still happen. If you or a loved one is injured working on a construction site, get over 20 years of legal experience on your side. The team at Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys will fight to ensure that you receive the benefits you need to heal the right way.

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