Jul 13, 2021

What Benefits Do I Receive If I Am Hurt on the Job?

For most people who get hurt on the job, workers’ compensation benefits are necessary to keep them afloat while they recover from their injury. What benefits can you get through workers’ compensation, though?

A quick rundown of your top three workers’ comp benefits are:

  • Wage replacement: You can receive a weekly “paycheck” equal to a portion of what you were earning before you were injured. The maximum value of this weekly pay amount depends on where you live. In Georgia, for example, the current (circa 2021) cap is $675 per week.
  • Medical care coverage: The entirety of your medical treatment costs should be covered through workers’ compensation benefits with no cap. Only necessary medical treatments are covered, though, so anything deemed elective is not.
  • End of case settlement: At the end of your workers’ compensation case, you could be entitled to a settlement amount. Negotiating this amount is something you should attempt with the guidance of an experienced attorney.

To learn more about workers’ compensation in Georgia, you can view the provided video from Attorney Nathaniel Hansford of Hansford McDaniel LLC in Atlanta. If you need our law firm’s help with a case, then please feel free to dial (770) 741-2825 and schedule a free case evaluation.