Nov 2, 2021

How Long Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation in Georgia?

Understanding Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

Workplace accidents resulting in significant injury may leave devastating effects on your health and ability to work long-term. Despite the possible lifelong implications that may result, in Georgia, there is a time limit to how long you may receive weekly benefits from the state for your injury. In most cases for non-catastrophic injuries, a worker may only be entitled to receive weekly benefits up to 400 weeks after their accident.

Workers’ Compensation Payment Limitations

The 400-week limitation applies to cases of Temporary Total Disability, although the actual span of your weekly benefits will likely be reduced over time as you are healing and can return to work. However, if your injury is catastrophic and results in Permanent Total Disability, you may be entitled to lifelong benefits.

Aside from this cap, there are other ways that your benefits may be reduced over time from the standard two-thirds wages. These include:

  • Light Duty: a physician authorizes you to return to work under restrictions.
  • Full Duty: a physician permits you to return to unrestricted work.
  • Settlement: you and your attorney may agree that pursuing a settlement for a lump sum is the best option.

Regardless of the severity of your injury, working with the right attorney will be instrumental in helping you retain the benefits you are entitled to.

Death Benefits

In instances of fatal injury, a spouse or child can receive death benefits at the same rate as workers’ compensation. The length of time for these to be received, however, may vary based on the circumstances. Generally, it will cap at 400 weeks or until the spouse turns 65 (whichever is later), remarries, or the child beneficiary turns 18 (if not in college) or 22 (if enrolled in college).

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