Nov 12, 2021

Should I Take the First Settlement Offer?

Being injured in a workplace accident can come with many complications. Taking days off, costly medical treatments, and making long-term plans in cases of disability can add an extra layer of stress. Because of how lengthy the process can be to obtain compensation after filing a claim, it’s not uncommon for a client to want to accept the first settlement offer right away.

While this rationale is valid, you may not be getting the best possible compensation for your case. Here’s why.

Negotiating Your Settlement

The first offer you receive often may only cover the bare minimum of your injury costs without accounting for the long-term implications. This is due to the insurance company wanting to keep their payouts low. Because of this, you may be getting a significantly smaller offer than you need and deserve.

By accepting this initial offer without first consulting your attorney, you may be limiting yourself and unable to negotiate it any further. When working with an attorney, it is always recommended that you have several discussions about the short and long-term needs of you and your family so that they may negotiate appropriately. Along with this, your initial injury may worsen down the line or cause other health issues that need to be accounted for.

Ultimately, working with an attorney throughout the entire process will ensure that you get the best possible settlement for your unique situation.

Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When sustaining an injury caused by a workplace accident, it’s crucial to work with a team with decades of experience handling workers’ compensation cases. Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys has been helping Atlanta workers for more than 40 years of combined experience and has obtained multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for various injuries.

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