three people in an office space, one person is in a wheelchair

What Accommodations Can I Request After a Work Accident?

Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

Employees returning to work after becoming disabled from a serious accident may require additional accommodations in order to perform at or near the level they were previously. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), reasonable accommodations can take many forms, so it’s important to understand what you may be entitled to. Here are some examples of reasonable accommodations you may be able to request following a work accident.

A More Accessible Workspace

If returning to work with an accessibility aide such as a service animal, movement device (cane, wheelchair), hearing aids, etc., you may be able to request accommodations to improve the overall accessibility of the workplace. This can include a ramp at the entrance of the building, physical copies of meeting notes rather than solely verbal presentations, wider pathways between workstations, chairs at cash registers, and more.

Flexible Work Schedules or Environment

Some disabilities may result in an individual no longer being able to sit or stand in one position for extended periods or necessitate more break periods throughout the day. These are both areas in which you can request reasonable accommodations. In some workplaces, a standing desk or different office chair may be utilized, and leave policies may be able to accommodate any further medical appointments that may be required.

What to Remember When Requesting Accommodations

If you need reasonable accommodations to return to work, it’s important to request these in writing before returning back to the workplace. Although a written request is not required under state law, this can help you avoid further issues down the road if needs aren’t being met. Furthermore, there may be a provision in your benefits that requires you to request these accommodations before returning, so it’s important to have a thorough understanding of what you need.

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