Feb 15, 2022

Top Industries with Workers’ Comp Claims in 2020

All workers in all industries have some inherent risk of suffering a workplace injury. Yet there are some jobs that are more likely to cause some sort of workplace injury or illness than others. What are those industries, and do you work in any of them? The United States Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics has the most recent answer.

In 2020, the 10 industries that saw the most work-related injuries were:

  1. Nursing assistants: 96,480 incidents, comprising 8.2% of all work-related injuries
  2. Registered nurses: 78,740 incidents, comprising 6.7% of total
  3. Laborers: 64,930 incidents, comprising 5.5% of total
  4. Truck drivers: 43,500 incidents, comprising 3.7% of total
  5. Stockers and order fillers: 31,280 incidents, comprising 2.7% of total
  6. Licensed practical and vocational nurses: 29,230 incidents, comprising 2.5% of total
  7. Retail salespersons: 28,110 incidents, comprising 2.4% of total
  8. Personal care aides: 27,750 incidents, comprising 2.4% of total
  9. Production workers: 26,850 incidents, comprising 2.3% of total
  10. General maintenance and repair workers: 23,400 incidents, comprising 2.0% of total

This information shines an interesting light on the overall health of the country and the troubles of one specific industry: nursing. 17.3% of all reported work-related injuries and illnesses in 2020 were suffered by a nurse, including registered nurses, nursing assistants, and in-home or vocational nurses. Why is it that nurses seem to encounter far more day-to-day dangers than any other profession?

The answer lies in the year that the data reflects: 2020. At the beginning of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, without vaccinations and minimal public knowledge about the dangers of COVID-19, cases surged in the summer and winter. Medical providers who spent most of their days in direct contact with patients, such as nurses and in-home caretakers, were forced to risk their health each day. The sheer number of reported injuries in this industry confirms as much and more.

However, nurses are always in an inherently risky injury. In years outside of 2020, nurses and similar medical professionals are often in the top 10 list. Occupational illnesses, back injuries, knee injuries, and more are all prevalent risks to nursing professionals and all of which call for fair workers’ compensation to help them stay financially afloat while they recover.

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