Jun 1, 2022

What Medical Expenses Are Covered By Workers’ Comp?

Depending on the industry and nature of the job, a workplace injury could range from minor cuts or sprains to severe, catastrophic injuries. Although most work injuries are eligible to be covered under workers’ compensation, it’s essential to understand for which services and treatments a victim can receive compensation. Here’s a brief overview of what may be eligible for recovery.

Medical Treatments Covered By Workers’ Compensation

Generally, Georgia workers’ compensation will cover all medical treatment considered “reasonable and necessary” to treat a work-related injury or illness. This can include emergency medical care, doctor’s visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, physical therapy, etc. In some cases, workers’ compensation may also cover the cost of prosthetic devices or other assistive equipment if an injury results in the loss of a limb or sensory damage.


If an injured employee needs surgery due to a workplace accident, workers’ compensation will usually cover the cost of the procedure. This includes both the surgeon’s fee and the cost of the hospital stay. In some cases, it may also cover the cost of any physical therapy or rehabilitation that is needed after surgery.

Ongoing Treatment and Care

In addition to one-time treatments like those listed above, workers’ compensation can also help with ongoing care costs for more severe injuries. For example, if an employee suffers a back injury on the job that requires regular chiropractic care or massage therapy, workers’ compensation can help cover the cost of those appointments. In some cases, it may also help with the costs of in-home care if an employee cannot care for themselves after a work injury.

Mental Health Care

Mental health care may be an essential part of treatment following a workplace accident since PTSD and other mental health conditions may be preventable. Workers’ compensation will usually cover the cost of mental health care, including therapy and medication. In some cases, it may also help with the cost of inpatient treatment if an employee needs to be hospitalized for their mental health condition.

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