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Unique challenges must be overcome when navigating the process of any workers’ compensation claim involving a catastrophic injuries. Georgia catastrophic injury attorneys must prove beyond doubt the future long-lasting impact catastrophic injuries leave accident victims suffering with. Being a victim of life-changing injuries has an enormous impact on that person’s life now and likely for years to come. Therefore serious injuries also have a significant impact on a victim’s ability to pursue their case to receive maximum compensation for their suffering, and they deserve justice. Victims should always seek a free consultation from our experienced attorneys to learn what fair compensation looks like in their workers’ compensation claims. Contact our office today to discuss your case with our Atlanta catastrophic injury attorneys. 

Catastrophic injuries occurring on the job or otherwise can have unique challenges, such as severe ongoing distress and, in some cases, disfigurement. When an employee or other person in Georgia is an accident victim resulting from life-altering events such as auto accidents involving a work vehicle or fire caused by negligence, the injured party may be entitled to financial compensation. If you or your loved one have suffered from catastrophic injuries, the party responsible should pay for your losses and necessary medical care.

Paramedics Carrying An Injured Person

Serious accidents can cause life-altering injuries and other problems, such as:

  • Permanent disabilities
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Disfiguring injuries
  • Full or partial paralysis
  • Severe burns
  • Chronic pain
  • Amputations
  • Severe Disfigurement

Disability and Pain From Catastrophic Brain or Spinal Cord Injuries

Most of the time, injuries that occur at work require a small amount of time away from the job to rest and recover. However, when catastrophic injuries are inflicted, making it almost impossible to move forward with your life. Catastrophic Injury cases involving permanent disabilities require the legal representation of experienced catastrophic injury attorneys to properly pursue compensation. An Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer at Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can help you acquire complete compensation if you are suffering from injuries stemming from a catastrophic event. We would be glad to provide you with a free case review to discuss the practice areas that our Catastrophic injury attorneys are expertly familiar with and can be of assistance in your catastrophic injuries claim.

If your injury has resulted in long-term or permanent disability and is significantly disrupting the quality of your daily life, making it impossible for you to continue working as you previously were able, this is considered a catastrophic injury requiring complete compensation. The various and unique details of your case, including specifically which type of serious injury you have suffered, will be considered in determining the amount of disability benefits you qualify to receive. Georgia catastrophic injury lawyers should carefully look over the details of your workers’ compensation claims to help you navigate the process of seeking complete compensation for your injuries.

Man In A Wheelchair At The Lawyers Office

A blow to the head or trauma to the spinal cord often results in immediate and obvious symptoms, but sometimes serious damage has been done without apparent signs right away. It is always important for a person who has suffered catastrophic injuries to receive immediate medical care. Traumatic brain injuries can lead to many problems that are physical, behavioral, and emotional distress. Sometimes a traumatic brain injury results from a car accident that has occurred in a company vehicle during work hours. If you or a loved one has been severely injured in a work-related car accident and is suffering from extreme pain that is persistent, a catastrophic injury lawyer should meet with you for a free case review.

Helping you obtain benefits to cover your spinal cord injuries following a serious accident is the job of law firms specializing in catastrophic injuries. Spinal cord injury can cause partial or paralysis or even lead to other injuries if special care is not taken. Perhaps an expensive spinal fusion was required or will be in the future to help you recover. When evaluating your case, the catastrophic injury attorney working with you will carefully go through the details of your medical records from treatment and present the prognosis as part of your personal injury claim.

Serious injuries such as brain trauma and spinal cord damage are very expensive to deal with. There was the initial hospitalization, followed by rehabilitation and physical therapy appointments. Long-term care is specialized and requires properly trained nursing staff and doctors. Many permanently disabled spinal cord injury victims will not ever be able to find work they can do again. Our Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help you recover the costs of experiencing an Atlanta catastrophic injury.

Spinal cord injuries and brain damage can often cause full or partial paralysis. Medical costs can be exorbitant, and the cost of living needs to be covered for those who will no longer be able to earn an income from working. Most temporary and permanent paralysis injuries are the results of serious injury to the spinal cord or brain. Spinal trauma interferes with the brain’s ability to send signals to an area of the body due to serious injury that has been inflicted. Victims of spinal cord or traumatic brain injury often will never regain full function of parts or much of their body due to the serious injury. When all the financial burden is piling up, it’s important for paralysis victims to have a knowledgeable personal injury attorney helping them through the process of recovering lawsuit benefits they may be entitled to.

Burn Injuries

Explosions are one type of catastrophic accident that can result in serious burn injuries for anyone within close range. Victims can then suffer from long-lasting and severe pain, scarring, and even disfigurement. Third-degree burns are very serious, affecting multiple layers of skin, and require skin grafting to treat and facilitate healing. The medical bills that come after injuries from a serious fire event are overwhelming, and the negligent party must be held accountable for the suffering they caused. Our experienced Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyers understand the challenges you experience and can sort through all the details of your case and medical records to determine the best strategy moving forward with your catastrophic injury case.

No matter the serious injuries sustained by victims of catastrophe, the outcome of their case will be determined by all the elements involved, and many perspectives must be well considered in order to develop the best legal strategy. The majority of catastrophic injury lawsuits are most likely based upon negligence of the at-fault party. Inaction to take responsible steps or careless actions of the organization or people responsible is what leads to serious injury, and this must be proven legally. Witnesses of the actual scene as well as reputable expert witnesses, may be called upon for further details to support the case.

Doctor Holding His Head In Shock

Seeking Financial Compensation for Medical Costs for Catastrophic Injuries

Being awarded compensation after a catastrophic event depends on the quality and expertise of a victim’s legal representation. Negligence and fault of the party responsible must be proven. A catastrophic injury lawyer can help guide you through your claim to get you the financial compensation you deserve. Benefits awarded to serious Catastrophic injury victims may include covering costs for damages such as:

  • Loss of ability to earn income
  • Medical expenses and equipment
  • Housing and transportation

If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury at work that has left you permanently disabled or affected your life significantly in other ways, Hansord McDaniel is here to show you a way forward and get your life back on track. The responsible party for your work-related accident where the incident occurred has a level of responsibility owed to you to cover your medical expenses and other costs related to your personal injury claims.

Sadly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated there were 5,190 fatal work-related injuries in the year 2021. If you are facing the weight of a wrongful death lawsuit, our hearts and compassion are with you and ready to help you through this trying time with the legal representation you need. Don’t try to face the insurance adjusters alone. Choose to have our Atlanta catastrophic injury attorneys by your side who can help you receive the maximum compensation you and your family deserve for your case.

In the face of life-altering workplace accidents, finding an experienced attorney is important, and at Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, we’re here to help. Our experienced legal team specializes in workplace catastrophic injury cases, understanding the unique challenges that arise from workplace accidents. We are dedicated to helping you recover compensation, recognizing the impact such incidents can have on your life. Trust Hansford McDaniel – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys to be your advocate, navigating the complexities with care and commitment, ensuring that your well-being and recovery take center stage.