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Injured Workers Deserve Great Legal Representation

At Hansford McDaniel LLC, we believe that workers in all industries and backgrounds deserve the workers’ compensation benefits owed to them after a workplace accident. Unfortunately, not all employers and insurance companies see things the same way. When you are running into trouble while trying to get workers’ comp benefits, you can come to us for reliable legal counsel and representation.

Our Sandy Springs workers’ compensation attorneys can help you with your claim. Dial (770) 741-2825 now.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Do?

Workers’ compensation insurance is a no-fault insurance system for injured workers. Under this system, you should not be easily denied benefits if you are partially or fully at fault for your workplace accident.

The benefits that you can get through workers’ compensation insurance include:

  • Medical care: The full amount of necessary medical care needed to treat your work-related injury should be provided through your workers’ compensation insurance. Everything from emergency care and surgeries to prescriptions and deductibles should be covered. Problems can arise if the insurance company says that you have received elective treatments, as in those that are not necessary or from an authorized provider.
  • Disability benefits: If you are taken out of work by an authorized treating physician or placed on work restrictions which the employer can not accommodate then you can be provided temporary disability pay equal to two-thirds of your average pre-injury wages. If you are never able to return to work or full-time employment, then you might be eligible for permanent disability pay that lasts through your lifetime. We can help you understand your entitlement to disability benefits and how to get them because the insurance company might not be willing to work through it with you.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: It might be possible for you to return to work, but not your pre-injury work. For example, if you usually worked the stockroom but suffered a shoulder injury, then you might be able to return to an office position within the company. Workers’ compensation benefits can help pay for any new training courses you might need to start a new job position. It is even possible to receive vocational rehabilitation benefits that pay for education and certification needed to begin a career at an entirely different company.

Your Legal Allies During a Difficult Time

Were you hurt while working in Sandy Springs? Don’t depend on your employer or their insurance company to help you with your workers’ compensation claim. After all, if your claim is successful, then they will be the parties that have to pay for it. Instead, come to our law firm and get the assistance of our talented legal team. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to ensure that your workers’ compensation claim ends in your favor. Our workers’ comp attorneys can assist with claims that have not been filed, those that have been denied, and those that are headed for litigation.

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