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Fighting for Warehouse Crews, Amazon Workers & Many Others

Warehouse work is not easy work, but insurance companies might make you think it is by how little effort they put into handle workers’ compensation claims for injured warehouse workers. At The Law Offices of Nathaniel F. Hansford, LLC in Atlanta, we know it’s wrong for insurance companies and employers to walk over the rights of injured warehouse workers, which is why we are absolutely dedicated to doing all we can to help our clients get the workers’ comp benefits they so rightly deserve. If you were hurt while working in a warehouse in or around Atlanta, Georgia, like some of the Amazon warehouses that have become popular spots for employment, then we want to know about it.

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Injuries Suffered by Warehouse Workers

As you know, there are plenty of roles to fulfill in the average warehouse, especially in the shipping and receiving departments or bays. Moving products and orders quickly requires physical endurance, team coordination, and technical knowledge. Even when everyone is keeping safety in mind, warehouse accidents can and do happen.

Injuries often suffered in warehouses and industrial work environments are:

  • Back injuries from frequent lifting
  • Shoulder and neck injuries from heavy lifting
  • Severe injuries from forklift accidents
  • Repetitive stress injuries that cause chronic pain
  • Concussions caused by falling products
  • Slip and fall injuries, especially in outdoor bays

The underlying concept of workers’ compensation insurance is that benefits are provided to injured workers, regardless of fault. However, injuries associated with warehouse accidents are often severe and expensive to treat, so insurance companies might be tempted to deny, delay, or undervalue claims without due cause.

Hurt in an Amazon Warehouse in Atlanta?

Amazon, the world’s favorite online shopping center, has several warehouses and distribution centers in and around Atlanta. Workers at these warehouses can always expect busy days and tough schedules because the population of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area places such a huge demand on products from Amazon each and every day. Additionally, Amazon has been in the news throughout the last few years for allegedly overworking employees and prioritizing profits over the health and wellbeing of their workers. If true, then this could be a recipe for frequent warehouse accidents.

If you were hurt in an Amazon warehouse in Atlanta, then we can help you understand your rights and your workers’ compensation options. Major companies like Amazon can sometimes put up huge legal battles to avoid paying full benefits to their workers, but this is no issue for us. Our Atlanta warehouse injury attorneys are led by Attorney Nathaniel Hansford, who personally has more than 20 years of practice experience and a background as an insurance defense attorney for big companies. He uses his insight and history to go head-to-head with any opposition for our clients.

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