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Following a work injury, you may have difficulty making ends meet. That is especially true if your employer has failed to help you get the workers comp benefits you are due. Without these benefits, you may struggle to afford your medical care or other bills that may arise when you are unable to work.

Fortunately, you do not have to struggle to recover from your work-related injury alone. Our team at The Law Offices of Hansford McDaniel, LLC is prepared to represent injured workers, providing the tools and guidance for you to pursue the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. There are many workers we represent, so read on to learn more about the options you have.

Industries with Dangerous Jobs

While any workplace can turn dangerous, you may have a particularly dangerous job. Certain jobs have many risk factors. While certain safety measures should be taken, there may be no way to eliminate all risks, and those stakes may be higher in certain jobs. 

Below are just a few samples of some of the most dangerous jobs in the United States: 

  • Construction – Construction accidents are some of the deadliest. You may have suffered catastrophic injuries from dangerous machinery or a fall. Worse, you may be the family of a construction worker killed on the job. We are here to represent you and your family.
  • Education and health professionals – Healthcare can be a messy, dangerous job, between using dangerous tools, overexertion risks, and medical contamination. Likewise, education professionals may face a number of school or college workplace accidents, from falls to injuries caused by a lack of security. Our team is here to help you get the benefits you need when something goes wrong. 
  • Agriculture and forestry – Working in fields and forests leaves you exposed to many potential dangers. Falling trees, heavy machinery accidents, and animal attacks are all risks when working in these positions. Talk to your Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer about your opportunities for benefits if you have suffered one of these accidents.

Workers We Are Ready to Represent

While not every workplace is as dangerous as others, workplace accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Any mistake or accident can lead to devastating impacts on your health and safety. Now, you may be facing those consequences yourself. When this happens, it’s time to file for work comp benefits. 

Unsure if we can represent you? Below is a sample of the many types of workers we represent: 

What About Undocumented Workers? 

While undocumented workers may not have the paperwork or documentation other workers have, they still pay taxes without receiving the many benefits they would otherwise be due. Because of this, undocumented workers and their families may be worried about seeking help. So what are the state laws surrounding these workers? 

When an undocumented worker is injured and needs temporary total disability benefits, they should have the same coverage as documented workers. However, laws around partial disability benefits differ from state to state. Georgia does not have any laws preventing undocumented workers from filing for workers’ comp benefits, but they may be limited in what they can recover depending on what types of compensation they are pursuing.

How Were You Injured? 

Following a work accident, you may be due workers’ compensation benefits for your recovery. Unfortunately, you may be facing a claim denial or you may not be receiving the full benefits you are due. 

In these cases, your lawyer can investigate your situation and determine how best to approach your workers’ comp case. Determining what caused your injuries and the severity or type of your injuries can help us determine your next steps. Below are just a few of the most common causes of these injuries. 

Lack of Training 

When you or another worker is expected to start your job without proper certification and training, it can lead to serious problems. If you or another person does not understand how to use a certain machine, it can lead to mistakes that cause devastating injuries. 

Fortunately, a workers’ comp lawyer can help. If you are hurt for any reason on the job, you may have grounds for a claim.


In some cases, you may have simply been on the job for too long. Workers who make repetitive motions may suffer from repeated stress injuries and overexertion. 

This may also apply to regularly lifting and carrying things for your job. Over time, your body may wear down. Fortunately, your work comp benefits should cover you if this happens. 

Lack of Safety Protocols 

When part of your job is dangerous, safety protocols are put into place to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, your employer may have neglected to check these fail-safes, or the safety procedures may have simply failed. 

If you have suffered serious injuries despite safety protocols being in place, reach out to a workers’ comp attorney. They can help you determine how long you will be unable to work and your recovery options. 

Get Compensated Fairly for Your Work Injury

If you have been injured on the job, you may be dealing with immense expenses and difficulties returning to work. For those who have suffered catastrophic injuries, returning to work may not even be an option for you. 

Fortunately, The Law Offices of Hansford McDaniel, LLC represents many types of workers and is ready to take on your case. No matter how complex or simple your case is, we are ready to help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you are due. If you need help getting your benefits, we are here, starting with a free consultation. Our consultations can help you understand if you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits and how we can help before you file. 

When you are ready to take action, reach out to our team. Call or fill out our online form to contact us for a consultation. We offer consultations via phone, video conference, or in person.